Kristina Sky & Danny Stubbs featuring Evan Henzi - High Tide (Official Music Video)

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After many-a-nights drinking champagne at my place in Malibu by the beach, Evan aptly titled his demo “High Tide”. We had a few writing sessions together after that to fine-tune the lyrics, and once we had those ironed out, Evan and I went to his favorite local Woodland Hills recording studio, TreeHaus Recording, to record his vocals. 9 hours later, we were certain we had what we needed to make this track really shine.

We sent the vocal stems to Danny and from there, the 3 of us worked on the track together via a series of lengthy Zoom sessions, bouncing things back and forth ‘til we felt the song was finished. We were all really happy with the result but had no idea if Perfecto would sign it. We really hoped so though, as it was a bit of a love letter to the golden era of that sound, which Perfecto had such a profound impact on, and we knew that no other label out there was currently championing that sound, so Perfecto felt like the only suitable home.

From there it was a waiting game. After a couple of weeks with no response back from the label, we started to think maybe it wasn’t going to happen. That is until Oakenfold finally hit Danny up and said he did indeed want to sign it. Needless to say, we were beyond elated!

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