RAM & Susana pres. Tales of Life - You Are Enough (Official Music Video)

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Through music, we share the tales of our lives…

After ‘Ramelia’, ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Northern Star’, RAM & Susana take their collaboration to the next level through their brand new project Tales Of Life.

The release of their single ‘You Are Enough’ forms the kick-off of this exciting new chapter.

As is to be expected from the iconic Trance duo, ‘You Are Enough’ is a powerful, emotional and meaningful uplifter. It’s message being that there’s no need for us to strive for perfection nor outside validation. That even if we’re stripped of everything - our success, our accolades - we are still worthy, because we are enough… just the way we are.

For the official music video RAM & Susana invited their most loyal fans to take part in the video by submitting a clip of a happy moment in their life.

“A huge thank you to everyone for their lovely contributions! It means a lot to us and we hope to see you soon somewhere around the globe” - Ram & Susana

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