Roman Messer & Twin View - Dancing In The Dark (Official Music Video)

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Hot on the tracks of Roman Messer's third artist album 'Dream' that landed just a week ago, this is his collaboration with Twin View featuring the vocals of Christian Burns, 'Dancing In The Dark'!

Christian is no stranger to the world of dance music. The talented singer has built quite a name for himself working with artists all over the spectrum, including the absolute legends of the scene like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and BT. In an industry traditionally dominated by female vocals, Christian is perhaps one of the most recognizable male voices, with more than a handful universally acclaimed hits under his belt. And now, he graces one of Roman Messer's works with his emotive performance.

'Dancing In The Dark', available now in its extended and DJ friendly form, is a driving, highly danceable piece of music that also has a softer, ballad-like side to it. It is both radio-friendly and club-friendly, a catchy track that makes one dance in their chair or on the dancefloor. Crisp production, modern and highly in-demand sound, and the top notch vocal work courtesy of Christian Burns make this one an excellent choice for just about any DJ set - or your personal playlist!

The official music video for 'Dancing In The Dark', is now available across all of Suanda Music's social media - come check it out as well!

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