Julie Thompson - Shine (Official Music Video)

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Julie Thompson's highly successful album "Feeling For Corners", produced by Andy Duguid, marked her definite breakthrough as an acclaimed singer.

"Shine" is the third single release taken from the album and represents everything Julie stands for. Heartfelt lyrics, and angelic multi track singing, carried by a tight electronic backing track. It is the perfect synergy for a deep trance set and many of the DJs, even if they're mainly focussing on a more progressive performance, will be able to work with it.

The remixes for "Shine" all turn the original version in brand new, state of the art dance versions and were, amongst others, delivered by JPL & George Hales and Raphael Frost. Julie Thompson proves that vocal electronic dance music is still going strong, so let her light "Shine" on your dance floor!

Audio is the Frontier Radio Edit

DOP: Thomas Buelens
Directed by Nicolas Vantomme
Produced by Courage, Belgium.

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