Pure Trance 8 - Mixed by Solarstone & Activa

No year without a new Pure Trance Label Compilation. For the 8th edition, Solarstone has reduced the number of guests from 2 to 1. As an exclusive guest for Pure Trance 8 Solarstone has invited Activa! After almost a decade away, Activa’s reactivation is as sure a sign as any of the scene’s brighter days renaissance. He commits an astonishing second disc of energized trance elevations to complement Solarstone’s assured-as-ever selection of the purest.

Solarstone about Pure Trance 8: “I’m delighted to present this year’s Pure Trance edition! I decided to focus on the lower BPMs this time, and bring in one of my favourite producers – Activa – for the higher tempo side of things, and the quality of tunage is really outstanding, full of innovation and creativity. I hereby invite you to join us on a wonderful journey focusing on melodic, emotive progressive & driving, uplifting pure trance music.”

Activa about Pure Trance 8: “Pure Trance; the label, the club nights and the compilations are well established and have a strong and loyal following, so to be asked to mix a disc for the 8th instalment was an honour, but a task that I knew I had to do right. I wanted to ensure that my mix was part of a bigger ‘whole’ and provide not just a journey on that disc, but a continuation of the journey from Rich’s mix while still keeping its own identity and sound.”

Pure Trance 8 mixed by Solarstone & Activa will be out on November 29th 2019 via Black Hole Recordings!

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Tracklist “Pure Trance 8”:
Disc 1 – mixed by Solarstone
01. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Beautiful Surfaces (Solarstone Ambient Intro Version)
02. Stoby & Coulter featuring Liz Cirelli – Sun is High (Solarstone Dubby Retouch)
03. New Ordinance & Gozzi – Aho (Vocal Version – Solarstone Retouch)
04. Allende – Essence (Solarstone Retouch)
05. Claudiu Adam – This Side of Paradise (Solarstone Retouch)
06. Oliver Imseng – New Dawns (Solarstone Retouch)
07. Solarstone – Take Me On Your Flight PT II
08. Orkidea vs. Dinny Ward – Forward Forever Out of the Screws (Solarstone Edit)
09. Men-D – Sarmale (Pure Trance 8 Version)
10. gardenstate – Bloom (Solarstone Retouch)
11. Obie Fernandez – Todo Para Mi (Pure Trance 8 Version)
12. Sam Mitcham – Amarula (Pure Trance 8 Version)
13. Solarstone – Rain Stars Eternal (Robert Nickson’s RNX Remix)
14. Ehren Stowers vs. Elizabeth Fields – Mandela Effect Speak in Sympathy (Solarstone Edit)
15. The Blizzard – Blue Hour (Solarstone Retouch)
16. Solarstone & Future Disciple – Monkey Mia (Stripped Mix)

Disc 2 – Mixed by Activa
01. Tony Anderson – Immersion (Intro Version)
02. Activa – Midnight
03. Way Out West – Mindcircus (Solar Movement Remix)
04. Stephens & Green – Lexicon
05. Sector7 – Cherry Blossom (Stephens & Green Rework)
06. Solar Movement – Pure Soul (Dark Mix)
07. Robert Nickson – Journey To The Deep
08. Jamieson & Lamb – Frost
09. Starpicker – The Traveller II
10. Dan Stone – Novo
11. New Ordinance – Beyond Gravity (Factor B Remix)
12. James Kitcher & Adam Taylor – Utopia at Midnight
13. Solarstone & Activa – Spirit
14. Simon McLeod – Recall
15. Factoria – Enlivened Frequencies
16. Sector7 & Niko Zografos – Efforia
17. G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon (Jaron Inc. Remix – Activa Rework)
18. Activa & Julie Thompson – When The Mask Falls
Источник: tranceattack.net

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Newray22 ноя 2019 в 20:25
Где же 3 й диск с прогом? Я бы хотел услышать микс от Гарденстейт.
NKS Music24 ноя 2019 в 01:00
Видимо в этот раз за прог будет отвечать сам Рич. Ждём!
Walermon23 ноя 2019 в 14:45
Sundriver27 ноя 2019 в 07:37
Актива же говорил, что ушел из транса
bobersaper27 ноя 2019 в 23:49
bobersaper27 ноя 2019 в 23:49
Ничего лишнего
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После 4й так ничего и не вышло действительно мощного, но конечно такое не пропускается.
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