Cubicolor - Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night

"Today we get to tell you that our new album, Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night, comes out on February 21st 2020. We honestly thought this day would never come. We actually finished our second album early last year. It had twelve tracks, a different name, all the artwork was done and a date was set for it to be released.
We got home and listened to it, then called each other and decided to drop the whole thing. The next week we went back into the studio and started again. We loved the record we made but for some reason it didn't feel right, so we didn't keep anything, we shut ourselves on the boat in Amsterdam where we work and didn't stop until we'd written a new album.
There were a lot of moments when we weren't sure we'd ever find what it was we were looking for. On the way we lost friends, lost loves, battled health issues, lost an album, lost each other and came back together again. It feels like a lifetime has passed but the world keeps spinning and I guess we knew we would eventually find our strength and make the album we wanted to make.
Big thanks to our label and management for believing in us all the way. Thanks to everyone out there listening.

Tim, Peter and Ariaan x"

Release Date: 21th February 2020

1. Prelude
2. Rituals
3. All You Needed
4. Melodies
5. Points Beyond
6. Now You Know
7. Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night
8. Once Around
9. Wake Me Up
10. Airbeat
11. Kindling
12. Pale Blue Dot
Источник: anjunabeats.com

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Xone:9218 ноя 2019 в 12:00был изменен
Я спрашивал у Ариаана летом, когда они зарелизят more than music - играла громко музыка, да мой английский средний, но мне показалось, что он сказал, что трек будет во втором альбоме Cubicolor/ после второго альбома Cubicolor. Первый вариант ответа точно нет - надеемся на 2020 год :)
Тим, кстати, очень позитивный чувак
Kebzoid18 ноя 2019 в 12:49
В феврале в твиттере был такой пост от 16BL - "A lot of people as about 'More Than Music'... We'll give it another look but not promising anything"
Newray18 ноя 2019 в 12:24был изменен
Энигмы нет... Опять страдания будут
CosterJays30 ноя 2019 в 12:41
Newray03 дек 2019 в 11:09
Я про писимистичные мотивы и песенки
Newray08 янв 2020 в 20:46был изменен
13 марта выходит альбом у Лютрелла
CosterJays28 янв 2020 в 08:55
Вообще ничего не интересного не будет
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