Новый альбом York "Traveller"

8 Июля в свет выходит новый альбом York "Traveller".

"Traveller has more collaborations on it then the previous album, but also features a chill out side, along with a danceable side. The ‘Chilled’ part of the album starts with a beautiful song called “How did I fall in Love?”, that he wrote with Nathan Red and Kim Sanders, who is very known through her appearances with Schiller and ‘The Voice’ in Germany. The song has a very deep guitar line and Kim´s vocals give you instant goosebumps. The second song on the chilled section is called “Salty Belle” and features the chill out producer R.I.B. This track was inspired by York´s Boat, called Salty Belle, and his travels with her all through the Caribbean. If you close your eyes and listen, you will find yourself swaying over the waves".


CD 1: „Chilled“

01 York with Nathan Red & Kim Sanders - How did i fall in love ?
02 York feat. R.I.B & Seven24 & J.Stenzel - Salty Belle
03 York feat. Ginger Mackenzie - My Ship
04 York – Traveller
05 York & Nathan Red feat J.Stenzel- Burning Flame
06 York & Ferry Tale feat. Asheni - Under the Stars
07 York & Rank 1 feat. Lola - This world is so Amazing
08 York & Mysticage – Oceanica
09 York & Dreamy feat. Leila- Once upon a time
10 York & Anthya - The horizon of mars
11 York & Project Blue Sun - Crusin’
12 York & Wadadli Acoustics- Nothing is over
13 York & Deep Voices feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus - With You

CD 2: „not so chilled“

01 York with Nathan Red feat. Doris Pearson - Moving in the Shadows
02 York & Marco Torrance - Lilileaf Ladybell
03 York & J.L. – Seaborne
04 York & Tumi Thusi – Bayette
05 York & Atb - Right back to you
06 York & taucher & ayla - kings & queens
07 York & Nathan Red feat. Scar - Feels like heaven
08 York with Chola feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus – Greyhound
09 York – Interlude
10 York feat. Inusa Dawdua - What are we waiting for ?
11 York feat. Arlen - We are

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Sundriver12 июн 2016 в 00:10был изменен
Количество совместных треков поражает...
Слышал только Right Back to you
Альбом обязательно послушаю. Хоть и ветераны чаще разочаровывают....
gas12 июн 2016 в 21:45
Никогда не разочаровывают. Прошлый альбом был потрясный!
jackooolalo13 июн 2016 в 22:54
очень очень жду
olegmorgi22 июн 2016 в 00:12
DJig Star27 июн 2016 в 21:21
гугл транслейт опять запускать
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