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Label:Cassiopeia Audio
Style:Electronic, Acid, Disco, Electroclash, Nu-Disco, Spacesynth, Techno

We are proud to present you a guest mix from Italian artist Tulioxi.Mattia Tuliozi is the head of Cosmic Sumo recordings and his music has been released by Bordello A Parigi, Dionigi's label Quantistic Division. He has worked with many artists of the Italian and world scene such as Alexander Robotnik, Dionigi, DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli and others.
His remix for Slow Cosmos upcoming release will be available soon to buy from Cassiopeia. Enjoy a great selection of real Italian flavoured disco.


Tempelhof - City Airport [Hell Yeah Recordings]
Formix - Rhythm Composer [Midnight Riot]
Kobryn - Cosmic Walk (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) [Disco Volante Recordings]
Forklift & Saw - Space Explorer (Andrea Rucci Remix) [Cosmic Sumo Recordings]
James Rod - Cute Sakes More Sakes
TB-X (Italo Deviance Disco Version)
Avanti - Parallel Universe [Gazeebo International]
Tulioxi - Pioneers Of What [Cosmic Sumo Recordings]
Softcash Lex - Rock the Disco (Raone Franco Sugar Hill Remix) [Erase Records
Yonkers - 85 86 87 88 [Nein Records]
Tulioxi - The Running Girl (unreleased)
Tulioxi - Bring The Funk To The Punk
Dmx Crew - Vicious Bleeps [Super Rhythm]
Tulioxi - So What [Golden Soul Records]


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