Orlando Voorn - In My World

In My World
Рейтинг: 3.86, Голосов: 7
Artist:Orlando Voorn
Label:Rush Hour
Catalog:RHM 017
Style:Electronic, Electro, House, Techno
1. Turn Left Right Here (9:15)
2. Space Age (5:50)
3. Let Me Lead The Way (6:08)
4. Goon (feat Trish Van Eynde/Entire Kickless) (5:19)
5. Anti Political (5:16)
6. At Last (8:06)
7. Chicago By Night (6:17)
8. Predator’s Cave (5:35)
9. The Swamp (7:08)
10. In My World (6:06)

Dutch techno legend Orlando Voorn is back! The man behind such seminal aisses as Fix, Designer Loops and Basic Bastard presents a varied palette of grooves on this album, from the smack electro of opener “Turn Left Right Here” and the fierce “Predators Cave” to the high tech soul of “Lead Me The Right Way” or “Anti Political” (which could have been on Transmat it’s so soulful). There’s some straight up dancefloor gold too of course, such as on “Chicago By Night” and “In My World” but still carry on with some serious injections of futuristic blues! Highly recommended.

156 mb / 320 kbps


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guenalacrema27 фев 2016 в 07:35
че за хрень
Grotesque01 апр 2016 в 21:08
Не всё, конечно, но местами полнейшая... В корзину.
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