Popof & Animal & Me & Arno Joey - Going Back

Going Back
Рейтинг: 4.88, Голосов: 24
Artist:Popof, Animal & Me, Arno Joey
Label:Hot Creations
Style:Electronic, Deep, House, Techno
1. Going Back (Original Mix) 5:04
2. Going Back (Oxia & Miss Kittin Remix) 7:21
3. Going Back (Eats Everything Remix) 7:16
4. Going Back (Lee Foss Remix) 5:42
5. Going Back (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix) 7:59
6. Going Back (Oxia & Miss Kittin Dub) 7:21

Parisian Popof gets set to release the second single from his stunning artist album 'Love Somebody' on Hot Creations. 'Going Back feat. Arno Joey'is also a collaboration with Animal & Me with a feast of remixes on offer. "'Going Back' is the second single taken from my latest album 'Love Somebody'. I collaborated with Animal and Me on thisone; vocalist Arno Joey is also featured.After this track completed, I submitted it to Oxia and Miss Kittin- - Who sings on it as well-, Lee Foss, Eats Everything, Mar--T and Luca Donzelli for a remix. I am very proud of the end result. - Popof Following in the same suit as the first single from the album, 'Going Back' also features the voice of Arno Joey and is a superior piece of electronic music with great crossover appeal. Oxia & Miss Kittin team up for the first remix adding percussion and hypnotic synths, spicing things up with Miss Kittin's vocals. On the B-side, Eats Everything mixes trippy FX and a big build for the main room, while Lee Foss keeps things deep and smooth. Amnesia favourites Luca Donzelli & Mar-T offer a digital only remix with ounces of energy.


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Комментарии (7):

fly_away22 сен 2015 в 09:47
(Oxia & Miss Kittin Remix)
xepbam22 сен 2015 в 14:28
Да! Мне тоже понравился!
firestar22 сен 2015 в 14:53
у Дигвида, в радио выпуске, сразу после этого ещё один зачётный трек был Nicole Moudaber And Skin – Someone Like You
raskinlex23 сен 2015 в 14:38
ради кошечки стоит взять
Gold_9023 сен 2015 в 20:28
+ завораживает
Breaker16 ноя 2015 в 21:55
Ах*енный трек, и рем от Киски) 5*, спс...
tura23 фев 2016 в 18:56
Oxia & Miss Kittin только этот трек
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