Kamron Schrader - Esmeralda

Рейтинг: 4.55, Голосов: 31
Artist:Kamron Schrader
Label:Alter Ego
Style:Electronic, Trance
  1. Kamron Schrader - Esmeralda (Original Mix) 7:27 / 134 BPM
  2. Kamron Schrader - Esmeralda (Mhammed El Alami Remix) 6:08 / 138 BPM

We welcome Texan producer Kamron Schrader to the Alter Ego Stables with his perfect executed debut release, Esmeralda for release 198. Uplifting done in a very distinctive way with animated melodies and sounds made for peak time fun! We also have a great remix to boot from the in form Mhammed El Alami! The Original mix is built upon very powerful and apocalyptic chords along side a fabulous piano line. Utopian pads and astral melodies backed up by some very piercing production, making this a real roller-coaster journey from the sound off! Let the music do the talking! Mhammed El Alami combines his relentless pure sound with the melodic prints of the original to great effect. The mix oozes into a fantastic breakdown with blissful pianos, poignant melodies and an even better pay off which will definately make your hairs stand up to attention! Don't miss this one!

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Tommy26 авг 2015 в 21:46
Mhammed El Alami Remix
Attila02 сен 2015 в 20:49
Орига +4.5, ремикс +5
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