Rolando Simmons - Magic Crystal

Magic Crystal
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Artist:Rolando Simmons
Style:Electronic, Acid, IDM, Techno

1. Magic Crystal (04:56)
2. Sisters On The Shore (03:42)
3. Deep Trail (06:08)
4. Earthshine (05:07)
5. Lighthouse (03:46)
6. Ganavan (05:31)

Rolando Simmons lives in a desolate coastal town of Sweden and divides his time between a creaky old townhouse and two rural homes. The dreamlike environment of meadows, grasslands, hills and lakes, combined with his fascination for Drexciya, AFX and Isao Tomita inspired Rolando to make this odd fairy tale music.

Similar to his heroes, Rolando uses a bunch of hardware: Alisa 1387, MS-20, MC-4, SQ-1, Blofeld, Machinedrum, TX-7, 606, Poly-800, Filterbank 2, VSR-3 reverb which all ends up in Renoise. Other inspirations include Sibylle Baier, Jandek, Vashti Bunyan and Debussy.

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