Atrium Carceri - Metropolis

Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 7
Artist:Atrium Carceri
Label:Cryo Chamber
Style:Electronic, Ambient

01. The Gargantuan Tower (03:20)
02. The Dark Mother (04:42)
03. Across The Sea Of The Dead (07:11)
04. Black Needle (05:10)
05. Decrepit City (03:46)
06. Sacred Slab (03:24)
07. 200 Days (05:30)
08. Industrial District (04:37)
09. Heart Of The Metropolis (03:28)
10. The Cowled Seers (05:06)
11. The Machine (06:38)

Style: Dark Ambient

Locked out from the Illusion, this album takes place entirely in our former home. The darkened sky and gargantuan citadels line the horizon as the endless city, we once ruled as gods, stretches as far as the eye can see. Crossing the sea of the dead in search for a Beacon of Light that can lead the expedition to uncover the truth about the factions in control, what happened to the long lost architect and how to open a portal back into the colorful illusion the ignorant call home.

This 11 track Atrium Carceri album is closely connected to The Untold and sheds more light unto what goes on in the Atrium Carceri universe and the Metropois in particular. An industrial, dark, distorted and cinematic experience unlike any other with amazing attention to detail and subtle layering, this album begs for repeated listening to take it all in.

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Himeran09 июн 2015 в 20:27
Сегодня настроение соответствует наполнению альбома. Спасибо!
jarre8809 июн 2015 в 22:39
Как всегда, отличная компиляция))))))) 5+
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