2000 And One - Clean

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Artist:2000 And One
Style:Electronic, Techno
2000 AND ONE (aka Dylan Hermelijn) has been on the forefront of electronic dance music since the late eighties. His pioneering vision across more than two decades of music genres now ranks him as one the most versatile, in-demand international artists, commanding weekly performances on the house, techno and tech house global club and festival circuits.

Not only recognized as a magnet for the clubbing crowds, he is also credited for championing the sounds of Amsterdam's new school DJ and producer generation and propelling the scene's visibility into the international club headlights with his six Amsterdam labels, of which he co-owns Bitten Records with Sandy Huner.

The clean is a classic Olympic weightlifting movement where the lifter moves a weighted barbell from the floor to a racked position across deltoids and clavicles. The clean is mainly to build power and strength therefore this movement has become a popular training method in various sports to develop explosiveness and speed.
01. 2000 And One - Power Clean (Original Mix)
02. 2000 And One - Fabregas (Original Mix)
03. 2000 And One - Solid State (Original Mix)


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guenalacrema09 апр 2015 в 08:21
шлаковница, первый трек еще может быть по пьяни
fly_away09 апр 2015 в 10:42
да только первый более менее
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