Illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer - New Rise

New Rise
Рейтинг: 4.37, Голосов: 62
Artist:Illitheas, Mhammed El Alami, Johannes Fischer
Style:Electronic, Trance
01. illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer – New Rise (Original Mix) 8:06 / 138 BPM
02. illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer – New Rise (Intro Mix) 8:41 / 138 BPM
03. illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer – New Rise (Radio Edit) 4:41 / 138 BPM

We are very proud to welcome back Mhammed El Alami, illitheas, & Johannes Fischer with their euphoric and emotional masterpiece called New Rise. New Rise is the ideal uplifting tune if you seek a sense of perfect fulfillment. The Original Mix's aim is to give you both energy and also inspiration and emotions. While the heart of the track contains a sad duduk melody, slightly giving a touch of melancholy, it is then followed by a really soft-hearted piano and oboe that will make you feel as if you are flying. While both instruments are played together, it progressively lifts our spirits higher and higher and fills our hearts with joy and peacefulness. We are then off to a new rising world that seems full of enthusiasm and possibilities with magical melodies till the end. The Radio Mix summarizes what the Original Mix is, but in a shorter way. As for the Intro Mix, this is without a doubt the best version if you love to be overloaded in emotions! This version adds a wonderful intro that enhances the emotions contained in the Original Mix and starts with a low-pitched duduk, revealing a tiny portion of things to come afterwards. The Intro Mix defines at its best the uplifting feelings you can get while listening to trance. Prepare yourself to reach a wonderful climax and get immersed in euphoria!

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Комментарии (12):

SERG197519 янв 2015 в 18:02
от них ждал по больше
Natureman19 янв 2015 в 18:47
Intro Mix хорош, но да, можно было и лучше
Sundreamer19 янв 2015 в 18:58
не знаю, мне очень понравилось. Красиво, мелодично, эмоционально +5
Dr.Gri20 янв 2015 в 16:38
Tommy19 янв 2015 в 19:29
Amazing tune +5
Другой20 янв 2015 в 19:39
Intro Mix
Vadvin20 янв 2015 в 19:48
Walkman21 янв 2015 в 00:26
очень даже неплохо! забираю в коллекцию аплифта... +5
guenalacrema21 янв 2015 в 20:45
заебис, хватай пасаны)
Trance Among Us22 янв 2015 в 01:22
На Аборе как всегда все отлично, все с душой и приятным звучанием +++
Attila30 янв 2015 в 17:49
Неплохо, но.... уже не до конца такое цепляет.
Covbot06 апр 2016 в 13:53
очень красиво и приятно слуху, конечно +5
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