Goldback - Astronom (Leonard A Remix)

Astronom (Leonard A Remix)
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Label:Emergent Cities
Style:Electronic, Progressive Trance, Trance
It is a little over a year since we first welcomed uber-talented Goldback here at Cities, with his very first release; the incredible single "Antarctica". That release included a phenomenal remix by progressive trance superstar Leonard A, which among numerous well-deserved plaudits, was featured twice on Above and Beyond's legendary ABGT show!

Searching for a remix to inspire him, we gave Leonard free pick of our back catalog and he selected yet another Goldback track: "Astronom" from May 2020's "Visions" EP. Suffice to say, this Mexico-based artist extraordinaire has done it again – another truly supreme remix, as powerful as it is beautiful!

Returning here at Cities with an astonishing remix of Goldback's outstanding original, this is Leonard A and his stunning reinterpretation of "Astronom".

Goldback - Astronom (Leonard A Remix) 6:07

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