Joyline Snow - Take Me Home

Take Me Home
Рейтинг: 4.6, Голосов: 5
Artist:Joyline Snow
Style:Electronic, Trance
Up-and-coming producer & vocalist, Joyline Snow returns to Sundance Recordings for her second release on the label. Following her previously massive release 'Heart Beating', 'Take Me Home' is sure to become a dance floor regular with its warm, bright synths and emotional vocal & melody. 'Take Me Home' beams euphoria and emotion with beautiful chords & melodies alongside effervescent vocals. Basking in sunlight, the Vocal Mix is an impressively delicate track that showcases Joyline Snow's varied style and ear for infectious melodies. On the remix duty, Hoyaa brings an emotional driving trance track with sweeping vocals, euphoric synths and warm pads. His trademark drive and energy is emphatically present an elegant euphoria matches perfectly to result in a truly memorable release timed to slot in effortlessly with the Summer months. 'Take Me Home' shows exactly what Joyline Snow is capable of, the future is bright for this talented artist.

1. Take Me Home (Vocal Mix) 6:45
2. Take Me Home (Hoyaa Remix) 6:53
Sundance Recordings (Aug 2020 Promos) · Joyline Snow - Take Me Home (Vocal Mix) Sundance Recordings (Aug 2020 Promos) · Joyline Snow - Take Me Home (Hoyaa Remix)

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Hoyaa Remix
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