Ooft! - Reclaim Landscape

Reclaim Landscape
Рейтинг: 4, Голосов: 1
Catalog:CLAN 010
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Deep House
1. Reclaim Landscape (08:34)
2. Obligatory Consumption (05:50)
3. El Clinico Magnifico (07:26)
4. 21 Processes (07:16)
5. Reclaim Landscape (Clandestino remix) (07:33)
6. Reclaim Landscape (Clandestino Beach version) (08:47)

There’s plenty to set the pulse racing on Ali “Ooft” Herron’s first outing on Leeds label Clandestino. The headline attraction is arguably opener “Reclaim Landscape”, a gorgeous, sun-bright chunk of revivalist sunrise house brilliance rich in positive chords, undulating acid lines, whispered vocals and bustling, late ’80s house beats. Label bosses Clandestino deliver two tidy reworks: a straight-up breakbeat driven “Remix” that tips a wink to 808 State classic “Pacific”, and a near nine-minute “Beach Version” that dips the tempo, layers up the sci-fi synths and impatiently waits for sunrise. Elsewhere, “Obligatory Consumption” is a chunk of synth-driven jacking house/deep nu-disco fusion, “El Chinco Magnifico” is a head-nodding slow-house treat, and “21 Processes” is a sparkling slab of intergalactic house bliss.


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