Lance Johnson - Until Dawn

Until Dawn
Рейтинг: 4.43, Голосов: 7
Artist:Lance Johnson
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
It was late 2016 when we signed one of the first works by Lance Johnson called Mystical Nights, a magical single that had that an amazing laid back and chilled background that still resonates with us.

Today, this South African producer is back on Pulsar Recordings to showcase something faster, something that will get you back in time, reminiscent of those trance classics era.

The newest single is called Until Dawn, and from the very start it goes strong with the fast pumping bass and mysterious vocals in the background, the track simply breaths with magic on every corner.

In the breakdown, lush pads are fully revealed and we're left in awe with the beauty that this track has to offer. Slowly all the pieces come together and take us on an uplifting journey till the very end.

01. Until Dawn (Original Mix) 06:36

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