Pierre Blanche - Dimension

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Artist:Pierre Blanche
Style:Electronic, House, Progressive House, Techno
In 2019, Pierre Blanche achieved noticeable growth. Their masterpiece, Ares, echoed around the world through Deadmau5, and Carl Cox, the King of Techno, is playing Belocca's Behind The Mask, which they remixed. They are also receiving love calls from around the world and has taken a step closer to the world stage through Davotab Records' 2019 ADE Tour. They will release the Remix EP of Dimension, the track in the annual compilation album GOOKBO3HO by Davotab Records, wrapping up their movement in 2019. Dimension is a techno track that maximizes the sense of space. And the three-dimensional sound and melody are a good example of Pierre Blanche's style. Dimension performed well at the time of the release and also Pierre Blanche unveiled the work process for the track during a seminar session at Zonna Festival, created by label owner Bagagee Viphex13. A Progressive House master Gai Barone, President of Consumed Music and artist of SCI+TEC, Alpha Particle Assembly and Celic, who is drawing attention through leading labels such as Terminal M, Form Music and Set About participated in the reinterpretation of Dimension. Newly created in different styles, remixes illustrate the styles of remixers. Gai Barone showed his style without filtration. It features a progressive and emotional chord progressions and a heavy base line, this is also good for club track and listening track. Alpha Particle Assembly reinterpreted Dimension with European Banger Techno, and Celic keep the original source to complete a more striking techno track. It is enough to look forward to 2020 by Davotab Records, which introduced the music of artists around the world through GOOKBO3HO compilation album and EPs in 2019, showing it is Korea's best underground label.

01. Dimension (Gai Barone Early Reflections Mix) . 09:44
02. Dimension (Alpha Particle Assembly Remix) .... 06:27
03. Dimension (Celic Remix) ...................... 06:38
04. Dimension (Original Mix) ..................... 07:23

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Debris12 янв 2020 в 16:29
Оригинал хорош! Но ремикс Барона....блин, это вышка!
Awsom21 янв 2020 в 19:15
Dimension (Gai Barone Early Reflections Mix) . 09:44
pushka28 фев 2020 в 22:32
Вот как такой ремикс от Барона слушать в mp3. Дайте .flac, уважаемые!
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