Gayax - Endless Love

Endless Love
Рейтинг: 4.41, Голосов: 17
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
There is no question that the next producer releasing on Nahawand Recordings is filled to the limits with energy. It is no other than Gayax and "Endless Love" who brings this gem to us with a sensation of pure enthusiasm. Thrown into a world where nothing ever slows down, we are kept inside this bubble of vibrant momentum and roll there until the end of the track. If you haven't heard what Gayax can do before this is certainly the time! Stepping into this bubble you get purified by the enormous rapidly speedy synths and we only get to take one breath within the beautifully laid out breakdown. Then here we go again. This wow-moment is only experienced a few times a year for those who listens to a lot of tracks and we are so pleased to be the ones releasing this moment for you on Nahawand Recordings. Welcome to the family; Gayax and "Endless Love"

01. Endless Love (Original Mix) 06:37
02. Endless Love (Radio Mix) 03:21

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