Insomnic - Time Relativity

Time Relativity
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Style:Electronic, Psy-Trance, Psychedelic, Trance
Time Relativity is a really personal experience. Most of the times, when we live great moments with the ones we love: time seems to flow to fast. When we face big challenges or when we suffer in our feelings, times seems to be so long

Everyone would wish that this would be the opposite. For sure!

At Metabolizm Records, we think its possible to switch this over. Its only a question of perception of time... Our new artist Insomnic created this EP to make you understand the different options available for you to see time the way you wish to see it and to feel the maximum of each moments precious in you're vision.

Everything is possible. We just have to stop and listen. We hope you will be happy to live the experience!
No one can control time But the experience we have going from past to future is our own to understand, live and explore our own and personal way for our happiness and to live the most of our lives.

01. Time Relativity [07:18]

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