Flatlex - Solstice

Рейтинг: 4.93, Голосов: 14
Label:Ultima Audio
Style:Electronic, Hard Trance, Trance, Uplifting
Ultima Audio presents its 63th release, a track produced by Flatlex named 'Solstice'; including beautiful original mix, powerful Hard Trance mix and amazing remix by Blackcloud22.

The original mix is an ode to the best Trance sound, with a wonderful essence and an unbeatable soul. Flatlex shows again his great skills achieving this marvel of production. A song that will bring back to our minds a lot of memories of the old school sound, mixed with the modern energy of the uplifting and with a breathtaking atmosphere. Get ready for acid sounds gathered with a massive bassline and a melody full of emotions and feelings. 10/10 for Flatlex for this timeless masterpiece, well deserved. Congratulations!

The Hard Trance mix has been created for the lovers of the true powerful sound. It has an even greater oldschool essence, mixing its vast bassline with a mystic atmosphere, creating a stunning feeling. If you love the good old times, do not miss this chance, and go back to these times where the darkest melodies rushed through our minds, getting us to totally different worlds. Listening to this song is such an overwhelming experience, prepare yourself for it!

The remix has been produced by Blackcloud22, and he shows it again with his breathtaking remix. A banging baseline rides us from the first beat, progressing with wild changes and a powerful bass. This energetic path drives us into the breakdown, which comes in very gradually. Once we have fallen into this break, a mystic soft atmosphere embraces us together with the melody. The uplift is also a remarkable part of this song, rising the melody slowly with a rush of tension, until the sound reaches its top and the baseline is released to create an unbeatable uplifting feeling. The energy will last till the end, making this remix the perfect choice for the most powerful moments of the set. If you like to dance wildly with true energetic music, do not miss this marvel created by Blackcloud22!

01. Flatlex - Solstice (Original Mix) [06:56]
02. Flatlex - Solstice (Hard Trance Mix) [07:05]
03. Flatlex - Solstice (Blackcloud22 Remix) [05:12]

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Комментарии (4):

Vadvin14 ноя 2019 в 20:59
Хороший релиз*
Live_C4t14 ноя 2019 в 21:54
БлэкKлoyд22 pимикс можно выделить.
moneydream15 ноя 2019 в 21:55
Blackcloud22 ONLY !!! TOP !!
Attila17 ноя 2019 в 16:27
классные треки все, особенно можно выделить Hard Trance Mix
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