Outsiders - Be as You Are

Be as You Are
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Label:Sacred Technology
Style:Electronic, Psy-Trance, Psychedelic, Trance
Sacred Technology has become a label associate with some of the most-cutting edge and forward-thinking Psychedelic Trance over the last years. Its artists include both emerging and established names, and one of those well recognised are Outsiders, one of the most highly acclaimed duos in todays global Psychedelic Trance scene. 'B.A.Y.A' (Be As You Are) is the much awaited second studio album from Outsiders Since their first album 'Our Prophecy' released on T.I.P World in 2015, 'B.A.Y.A' (Be As You Are)' marked as a milestone, with top notch reviews and received endless support from leading DJ's and fans from all around the world. 'B.A.Y.A' (Be As You Are) is very special concept album designed to take the listener on a journey of evolution throughout musical and technological advances, creating deep, unique atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms using melodies that designates Outsiders trademark sound. Collaborating with a wide range of well-known artists, such as, Liquid Sou, Burn In Noise, Altruism, Raja Ram, Dickster, Tristan and Scapula. The result is a verity of beautiful Psychedelic approach that will make you feel and Be As You Are!

01. Outsiders - Genesis [03:22]
02. Liquid Soul & Outsiders - Life Frequency [08:32]
03. Outsiders & Burn in Noise & Altruism - Life Forms [08:08]
04. Outsiders - Seeds of Consciousness [08:16]
05. Outsiders & Raja Ram - Hilltop [08:43]
06. Outsiders - Disturtion of Time [08:23]
07. Outsiders - Portals of Infinity (Feat. Scapula) [07:43]
08. Outsiders & Dickster - Strange Goblin [08:09]
09. Tristan & Outsiders - Nuclear Reality [06:48]
10. Outsiders - B.A.Y.A (Feat. Scapula) [08:52]

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slushayu1529 окт 2019 в 09:27
однозначно слушать стариков , выдали мощный гоа звук, мелодии превосходные в концовках треков!
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