Split Them All - Cosmic Sketch & Laika Beyond The Infinite

Cosmic Sketch & Laika Beyond The Infinite
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Artist:Split Them All
Style:Electronic, Indie Dance, Nu-Disco
  1. Split Them All - Cosmic Sketch (Original Mix) 3:16
  2. Split Them All - Laika Beyond The Infinite (Original Mix) 3:16

Split Them All is the altered ego of Ivan Matveev from St Petersburg, Russia. Our latest space epic on Array is a double A side featuring the aptly named tracks 'Cosmic Sketch' & 'Laika Beyond The Infinite' First up is the expressive and filmic 'Cosmic Sketch'. The grainy piano opening unravels its feathers and effortlessly flies into a dreamy instrumental journey in which the warm timbre of the piano, guitar, bass, synth and drums tell a nostalgic tale. The human feeling of Cosmic Sketch is juxtaposed with the second track on the single: 'Laika Beyond The Infinite' entices its listener with the electronic opening featuring ominous synths and cymbal. Punchy, modern and exciting, 'Laika Beyond The Infinite' is an all-encompassing experience. A short and powerful surge of synthetic beats and warped keyboard soundscapes transport you to intergalactic heights and involve your senses in a high-energy space combat. The range of talent shown over the two distinct tracks prove that Split Them All is an artist to follow... Stay tuned for more

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