Mike Sang & Dahnniel - Stellium

Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 3
Artist:Mike Sang, Dahnniel
Label:Practikal Black
Style:Electronic, Tech Trance, Trance
Mike Sang debuts for Practikal Black with a collaboration with a fellow Mexican and multi-Practikal releaser 'Dahnniel'. 'Stellium' is something special and deserves the early accolades it's receiving. Stunning opening sequence and the melody is so infectious you will be humming this for days to come after hearing it!! With great vocal fx shots, big fx and builds and effective acid lines.... this is Tech-trance at it's finest. The breakdown is immense and the attention to production detail is second to none. A crisp and chunky track with the ability to leave the trance fanatic breathless and wanting more. It is accompanied by a second track which is a rework by 'Dahnniel' himself, a bouncier version which is becoming a bit of a trademark sound for the young Mexican. A big hitter with lots of fx madness. His fills are infectious and the melody line is stripped back to leave room for more bosh. This gives the EP a great balance. The sub bass is BIG in the breakdown and the drop is going to melt some faces. This is a fantastic EP. Practikal Black proudly presents: Mike Sang & Dahnniel - Stellium EP.

01. Stellium (original mix) 06:34
02. Stellium (Dahnniel remix) 06:30

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