Octo Octa - Resonant Body

Resonant Body
Рейтинг: 4.25, Голосов: 24
Artist:Octo Octa
Label:T4T Luv Nrg
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Breakbeat, House, Techno
1. Imminent Spirit Arrival (06:34)
2. Move Your Body (04:38)
3. Deep Connections (05:38)
4. Spin Girl, Let's Activate! (06:21)
5. Ecstatic Beat (04:30)
6. Can You See Me? (08:22)
7. My Body Is Powerful (04:54)
8. Power To The People (07:01)

My body is resonant; it has the capacity to radiate power and love.
My body is energy; it pulses every moment as it ebbs and flows.
My body is forever; it has a form now and will hold new patterns in the future.

“Resonant Body”, the third studio album by Octo Octa (Maya Bouldry-Morrison), is her most spiritual and nature--connected work. Maya recorded the songs at her cabin in New Hampshire inorder to channel the resonance of the forest, the beauty of the river, and the energy from the rituals she conducts within it. The album was written and produced at the end of December 2018—after a year of near constant touring—in order to process through art an intense and magical year of change.

“Resonant Body” is the second release on T4T LUV NRG, the label co-run by Maya and her partner Eris Drew. It draws on the same themes of togetherness (“Power To The People”), embodiment (“Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!”), love (“Deep Connections”), healing (“My Body Is Power”) and survival (“Can You See Me?”) that animated her acclaimed “For Lover’s EP” (Technicolour, 2019). The album’s art was created by Maya’s partner Brooke, who painted two canvases after a magical day-trip Brooke, Eris, and Maya took earlier this year on the “Sweet Trail” in New Hampshire.

Octo Octa’s live performances and DJ sets are known for calling the dancers to move their bodies to a message of love. The dancefloor can be for all of us. It is a communal space that can provide healing when respected, where the dancers can actualize if they can let go and embrace themselves and each other. When we engage with music that heals, through dance or deep listening, we use an ancient technology for its original purpose. Octo Octa believes in the healing power of her music. “Resonant Body” transforms her life and intentions into healing art.

50% of the profits from the album will be donated to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP), which works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence.

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Комментарии (13):

Bakhabay06 сен 2019 в 18:47
Шикарный альбом! Заслуживает главки. Запоздали немного с выкладкой.
michazoid06 сен 2019 в 22:15был изменен
Нравится мне эта тётя шикарная!)
Vsmarte10 сен 2019 в 20:24
Это мужик, пидорги заполонили...
Bakhabay11 сен 2019 в 14:50
Ну и что.
Iamthebest11 сен 2019 в 15:29
Bakhabay 06 сен 2019 в 12:42
Makoto - Tomodachi Sessions
Почему на сайте до сих пор нет нового бомбезного альбома от американской милашки Octo Octa?

Ах ты противный! :D Теперь понятно, почему ты так часто в разделе Транс пишешь про пенные пати и розовые трусишки, маленький любитель трансгендеров :D :D
michazoid06 сен 2019 в 22:20
Deep Connections - очень-очень качает!
fly_away07 сен 2019 в 13:31
годнота, побольше бы годноты на сайте
alphaq07 сен 2019 в 18:06
абсолютно переоцiнене лайно
thin layer08 сен 2019 в 15:22
как бы ни хотелось, но соглашусь с тобой
TRMen08 сен 2019 в 20:48
Что означает лайно?
Trancer Lucky10 сен 2019 в 11:11
Ничевошеньки не оставил
PARTYZAN77710 сен 2019 в 11:13
По олдскульному звучит!
Kayo18 сен 2019 в 09:54
1-ый и, особенно, 3-ий очень понравились.
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