Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK

Рейтинг: 4.42, Голосов: 12
Artist:Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet
Label:Between Buttons
Style:Classical, Jazz / Blues, Lossless, Modern
1. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK8 (Original Mix)4:07
2. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK9 (Original Mix)7:03
3. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK1 (Original Mix)5:54
4. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK3 (Original Mix)7:27
5. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK10 (Original Mix)5:44
6. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – HappyHipster (Original Mix)6:04
7. Henrik Schwarz, Alma Quartet – CCMYK18 (Original Mix)5:16

Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet present CCMYK, a new album on Henrik’s own label Between Buttons. Produced in collaboration with the Alma String Quartet, it’s a free conversation between classical and electronic music, carefully transformed into a set of astonishing tracks, ready for club or concert hall. Though based on free improvisations between Laptop and String Instruments, CCMYK is not a record of bumbling jams. Rather, it’s a record of startling density, control and emotional complexity. This is the sound of open conversation between piercing intellects, taking their individual instruments and musical backgrounds to create a new universe of sound. The vinyl comes in a unique, handmade, limited 4 colour CMYK pressing. Every record is unique! Black is available as well.


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ROMYL77702 июн 2019 в 21:40
Опять, опять в трек листе 1 композиции не хватает - должно быть 8 - по вашей же ссылке видно что 8 треков
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