Kinlaw - Drax

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Style:Electronic, Lossless, Ambient, Bass, Experimental, Techno
a1 – Agglestone ft Franco Franco & Sunun (02:56)
a2 – MG 1666 DD
b1 – Rake
b2 – Trtipt

Hamish Trevis AKA Kinlaw hails from the Bristolian underground. The same scene that, in recent years, has given the most vital contribution to the freshness and vitality of a fringe sound suspended between the many clashes, deconstructions and reconstructions of dub and UK club music, radicalized through a diffuse interest in noise-tinged punkish grit. It should come as no surprise, then, that Kinlaw’s own music sounds both menacing and playful, weighing in with relentless slow beats and cranky lo-fi textures. on “Drax”,—his first Haunter Records release and second part of the label’s limited 10” dubplate series—the always cavernous, hyper-saturated bass seem to engulf everything, sticking to every other sound like some nasty form of sonic mud. The hypnotic percussions and sparse, hazy bits of melody make for an overall atmosphere of industrialized narcosis. Franco Franco’s vocal intervention in the first track only adds to the dankness of it all, with its confused deadpan delivering a dose of true lowbrow nihilism in Italian.

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