Mo' Horizons - Music Sun Love

Music Sun Love
Рейтинг: 4.67, Голосов: 6
Artist:Mo' Horizons
Style:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz / Blues, Lossless, Downtempo, Lounge
1. Mo' Horizons – Wagabunga Dance (feat. Stoyan Royanov) (04:40)
2. Mo' Horizons – Rhythm Is a Dancer (feat. Conneccíon Bogotá) (05:11)
3. Mo' Horizons – Mo Space (Part 2) [feat. Tricky Pantrick] (04:10)
4. Mo' Horizons – La Vida Es Solo Hoy (feat. Ivan Camelo) (04:45)
5. Mo' Horizons – You Gotta Know It (feat. Noam Bar) (07:21)
6. Mo' Horizons – Little Mouse (feat. Mr. Morski) (04:52)
7. Mo' Horizons – Hang Loose (Part 2) [feat. Tricky Pantrick] (03:53)
8. Mo' Horizons – Ella Dice (feat. Nené Vasquez) (05:04)
9. Mo' Horizons & Noam Bar – Gypsy Ghetto Feel (feat. Gypsy Brown) (04:13)
10. Palov – Inner Melody (feat. A. Angelides) [Mo' Horizons Alternative Instrumental] (04:19)

Be it latin, soul reggae, cumbia, samba or music from the Balkans, Mo'Horizons are cultural travellers and feel at home where music is alive. Over the years the duo have toured the world. For 'Music Sun Love' they reconnected with a lot of the musicians they've met on their journey. The album kicks off with 'Wagabunga Dance', a collaboration with Stoyan Royanov from Bulgaria. The multi instrumentalist is a member of the Mo'Horizons Soundsystem.

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