Jay Lumen - The Reason

The Reason
Рейтинг: 4, Голосов: 14
Artist:Jay Lumen
Label:Off Spin
Style:Electronic, House, Techno
01. Jay Lumen - Flawless Fever (Original Mix) 7:40
02. Jay Lumen - The Reason (Original Space Shaker Mix) 7:20
03. Jay Lumen - The Reason (Take Me Back To Chicago Remix) 7:02

Its no secret that Jay Lumen is a top name when it comes to storming the sales charts. His tracks seem to be the choice of a multitude of djs all over the globe and his last release in OFFSPIN wasnt an exception. We couldnt wait to get a sequel from him and here he delivers an amazing set of dancefloor bombs well worth the wait. "The Reason" starts the party working his trademark house groove with a fat bassline and suggestive speech vocals. Synth stabs and strings complete all the elements for a crowd favourite, as always the breakdown drives intensity up a notch too. This gem comes in two versions, adding a "Take Me Back To Chicago" remix where Jack does his trick. Dirty 909 chicago beats, big synth bass and a whole vibe that will take you back to the golden days of the windy citys sound. "Flawless Fever" gets deeper into tech house territory with a pulsating techno bass and mind bending synth arpeggios and arrangements to lead the track into another huge breakdown, indeed another peak house monster from Jay. We are very happy to have him back as OFFSPIN continues to grow as a dj favourite on its own right.

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tunnel8025 окт 2014 в 12:03
ну как всегда от Люмена отменные и плотные боевики! однозначно в кач и на танцпол!
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