Arms & Sleepers - Swim Team

Swim Team
Рейтинг: 4.62, Голосов: 26
Artist:Arms & Sleepers
Label:Fake Chapter
Style:Electronic, Hip-hop, Ambient, Downtempo, Instrumental, Trip-hop

01. Unbound (03:28)
02. Swim Team (03:44)
03. Hummingbird (03:38)
04. Tiger Tempo (03:35)
05. Mingus Mapps (02:48)
06. Forever Only (01:29)
07. Nobody More Than You (03:33)
08. Ghost Loop (03:00)
09. Hurry Slowly (03:36)
10. Better Living Thru Chemistry (02:36)
11. Tetro (03:12)

+bonus tracks

12. Cool Runnin (1:40)
13. Untied (1:44)

2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Arms and Sleepers, with the release of their first new album in over three years – entitled Swim Team – scheduled for October 28th via Fake Chapter Records. Building on the ambient sound of their previous work while taking their music in a fundamentally new direction, Swim Team sees the duo taking bold creative steps and coming into full focus. “The album is definitely a departure from our previous releases – it has more to the point, concise compositions with a lot of focus on beats and different synth sounds,” says Ramic. And songs like Swim Team and Hurry Slowly perfectly embody the band’s new and amped-­up sound.

Inspired by childhood obsessions in the 80s, Swim Team draws from instrumental hip-­hop, R&B-­influenced instrumentation and a wide range of electronic music to capture nostalgic moments. Despite a relatively short running time of 35 minutes, the album manages to deliver a wide range of intense emotions through its tapestry of intricate melodies and upbeat rhythms. More importantly, the new album fulfills the longing we have had for new music since the release of the band’s critically-acclaimed 2011 album The Organ Hearts. Swim Team is a compelling album characterized by a beautiful blend of lush textures, complex beats, and subtle harmonies which illustrate the duo’s growth and pursuit of invention and reinvention – becoming their most dynamic album yet.

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Комментарии (7):

Hydrix22 окт 2014 в 21:43
Акуенный РЕЛИЗ!!!
Swim Team
тудум тудум тум)))
serwelat22 окт 2014 в 23:12
ну,ничего нового я не услышал,всё весьма посредственно...Спасибо за кругозор!;)
Addicted23 окт 2014 в 01:08
называется привет Bonobo :)
Gpetch23 окт 2014 в 13:56
Посредственный релиз.
После Матадора так ничего толковго и не выпустили.
жаль, хорошая команда.
geododd25 окт 2014 в 21:33
Mingus Mapps сказка, жаль что такие треки короткие
el_grizo29 окт 2014 в 18:27
Brilliant Album
Vooqooq19 ноя 2014 в 00:37
Загрузка данных...