Latex Zebra - Not Just A 303

Not Just A 303
Рейтинг: 4.71, Голосов: 7
Artist:Latex Zebra
Style:Electronic, Acid, Hard Trance, Trance
For our seventh release, we welcome a special debut from FSOE Clandestine / Discover / Yin Yang all-star Latex Zebra, after frequenting Plymouth on many a studio session and championing our productions, he also impressed us with his own tracks and managed to deliver a hell of a set for our party in July (which is available online). 'Not Just A 303' is as energetic as they come, and was immediately championed by Stoneface & Terminal and licensed to their forthcoming compilation on Skullduggery (out March 8th). Thankfully, we are striking while the Iron's hot and retain the rights to the full mix. Two mixes to choose from here, one with a vocal and an instrumental. The energy levels are through the roof on this one

1. Not Just A 303 (Original Mix) 7:23
2. Not Just A 303 (Instrumental Mix) 7:23
3. Not Just A 303 (Original Radio Edit) 3:42
4. Not Just A 303 (Instrumental Radio Edit) 3:42

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