Wonder Element - Nania

Рейтинг: 4.4, Голосов: 5
Artist:Wonder Element
Label:Ultima Audio
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
Ultima Audio presents its release number 30 with the new super tune produced by Wonder Element, 'Nania'; also including two remixes by David Surok and Thomas Nikki. The original song brings a very pleasant deep sound, with a great noticed dark essence beneath its bassline. This makes the overall sound to be quite emotional since the beginning of the song. This essence is empowered by a subtle and mystic melody which catches our full attention and leads us to the breakdown. Once into the breakdown, a veil of an incredible purity surrounds us, covering everything with an untold level of purity and epicness. As we usually find, emotional tunes are hard to describe, it is better to dive down into them by yourselves. Gorgeous song by Wonder Element, simply impressive emotional master piece! David Surok's remix starts with a clear statement: Welcome to a powerful uplifter! This is undisputable once the bassline is revealed in the very first second of the song. David has kept the mystic taste of the melody but complety adapted into the new bassline, giving to the whole mix a totally different sense. This remix also includes quite a subtle breakdown, with glimpses of the original, but this time the tension is quickly gathered right after, and the uplift is built to take us many steps above with its release of power at the climax. Despite the focus on the energy, and mostly during its main phase, the song provides a perfect balance between elements, achieving such a different and awesome essence. Do not miss it! On the second remix included, we find the signature of Thomas Nikki, who has bet for a much standard powerful uplifter too. Thomas adds some acid into the bassline and more wild changes to get his remix closer to the Tech sound. The song performs one of the best progressions in recent times and falls into the breakdown with ease, revealing a subtle melody which is slowly empowered and embraced by the bassline until they both rush into the climax with such a delightful sound. A 100%% uplifting sound is here released, which sweeten the overall taste of the song and how it goes from one vision to the other with an impressive ease. A tremendous potential shown by Thomas Nikki into this flawless gem! You better listen to it!

1. Wonder Element - Nania (Original Mix) 8:07
2. Wonder Element - Nania (David Surok Remix) 7:14
3. Wonder Element - Nania (Thomas Nikki Remix) 6:38

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