Chris Hampshire - Recoverworld Radio 025

Recoverworld Radio 025
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 10
Artist:Chris Hampshire
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
Recoverworld Radio has a history that is second to none having been running for over 15 years bringing you the very best trance music from this powerhouse label group.

The reins have now been handed back to label boss Chris Hampshire who has been the backbone of the business since 2003 and also a prolific artist in his own right.

Already presenting Dark Sessions Radio which focuses on the harder and darker side of Recoverworld's many imprints, Chris now gets to flex his more melodic trance muscles once again and bring you the freshest cuts from across the labels - and the odd classic of course.

This is a must for trance fans the world over from a label group that is continually pushing boundaries and has a proud heritage that is the envy of pretty much every underground trance label on the planet.

01 KoRay & Cenk Basaran - Sweet Lies (Original Mix) [06:04]
02 TbO & Vega - The Mystery (Para X Remix) [07:07]
03 AJ Gibson - Between Generations (Original Mix) [07:30]
04 DJ Sakin & KoRay - Black Sun (KoRay Mix) [07:06]
05 TwistedRush & Natalie Roache - Distant Sun (Original Mix) [07:26]
06 NX-Trance - Backstab (Original Mix) [07:15]
07 Akku - Outlander (Michael Kaelios Remix) [07:42]
08 Ciro Visone & Last Sunlight - The Lament Of The Hidden Demon (Original Mix) [07:39]
09 JP Bates - Aria (Dub Mix) [06:52]
10 Si Whelan - Apex (Original Mix) [06:57]

11 VA - Recoverworld Radio 025 (Continuous DJ Mix By Chris Hampshire) [58:30]



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