Perturbator - B​-​Sides and Remixes, Vol. I

B​-​Sides and Remixes, Vol. I
Рейтинг: 4.85, Голосов: 13
Label:Blood Music
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Synth-pop, Synthwave
1. In Disquise - (Dead Astronauts) (06:12)
2. Unhappy Woman - (Dead Astronauts) (05:28)
3. These Bones (Have Left You) - (Dead Astronauts) (04:21)
4. B Side - (Dead Astronauts) (05:54)
5. I Am the Program - (Mega Drive) (04:33)
6. Shock Doctrine - (Reznyck) (04:01)
7. Orchid - (Dizkodeath) (04:21)
8. Night Slasher II - (Lueur Verte) (06:45)
9. Another Sleepless Night - (Slick Moranis) (08:28)
10. Behemoth - (GosT) (04:22)

“B-sides and Remixes, Vol. I” is the first part in a two-hour, double volume retrospective, featuring nearly all of Perturbator's rare early work.

This double release allows one to revisit the glory early days of synthwave through the lens of Perturbator. Perturbator remains one of the key composers in a scene whose days were predicted as very short-lived, yet is growing daily towards reaching a decade of increasing popularity.

Volume I of the collection features nearly all of the remixes Perturbator created of other artists' works in the early days of synthwave. It was very normal for artists to remix each other to improve their skills and as a favor towards promoting each other, as well as the scene at large.

This material has been disparate prior to this release, existing on random Bandcamps, Soundclouds, and other various corners of the internet. Most of this material has never seen the light of day on vinyl, CD, nor even via iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube until now.

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sasha01313 ноя 2018 в 19:12был изменен
Assembler14 ноя 2018 в 12:37
Супер как всегда! Кстати, админы, нафиг такое нововведение из-за которого сайт не работает? У меня вк заблокирован, так теперь без впн и этот сайт не грузит. Ну что за срань!
dark_cloud14 ноя 2018 в 16:23
Там где то вторая часть должна быть на подходе, судя по фэйсбуку)
sasha01316 ноя 2018 в 18:57был изменен
Это хорошо, а то New Model короткий какой то получился. Хотя да.. то был EP.
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