Endless Melancholy - Fragments of Scattered Whispers

Fragments of Scattered Whispers
Рейтинг: 4, Голосов: 9
Artist:Endless Melancholy
Style:Classical, Electronic, Lossless, Ambient
01. Prologue (For a Broken Tape Recorder) (1:29)
02. Postcards (5:23)
03. Will You Be There (4:04)
04. In Transition from Anxiety to Acceptance (5:21)
05. Her Fragrant Beauty (3:06)
06. Amaranthine (4:45)
07. Like a Sudden Glimpse of Shimmering Light (4:15)
08. Slumber Waves (3:06)
09. Washed Away by Slow Currents (6:07)

'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is the sixth album from Endless Melancholy, a solo-project of Oleksiy Sakevych from Kyiv, Ukraine. It follows previous releases on labels such as Preserved Sound, 1631 Recordings and Hidden Vibes.

Arriving on CD, digital and heavyweight vinyl editions, 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is a collection of soft piano melodies and transparent ambient textures, gently flowing one into another. On this album Endless Melancholy continues with the tape sound explorations, started on his previous album 'The Vacation', but in a new, more distinctive way. On this occasion, Oleksiy teamed up with Krzysztof Sujata (known for his musical outfit Valiska), who did some outstanding job on processing the tracks through different kinds of tape recorders and mastering them afterwards. Accompanied by a stunning artwork by an acclaimed artist Gregory Euclide, 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is meant to evoke hazy reminiscences from the deepest corners of listener's mind, like a blurry photograph suddenly falling out of an old book.

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fendy09 ноя 2018 в 15:17
Название проекта полностью соответствует содержанию альбома.
serwelat09 ноя 2018 в 21:15
Пожалуй,это самая взрослая и приличная работа киевлянина.
Спасибо за шару!
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