Dearly Departure - Genesis

Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 4
Artist:Dearly Departure
Label:100% Silk
Catalog:SILK 110
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Deep House, Lo-Fi, Techno
1. Serpent (05:12)
2. Own Perceptions (04:48)
3. Embrace (03:42)
4. Fear Of Losing You (04:00)
5. Move (04:31)
6. Infrared (feat Bludwork) (05:11)
7. Words Unspoken (feat Morticia My Angel) (04:48)
8. Genesis (07:24)

Santa Clarita daydreamer Daniel Crook flipped his DX-7 to dent tuition at California Institute Of The Arts but while there fell in with a crew of fellow hardware heads and began making periodic pilgrimages downtown to soak the city’s thriving warehouse scene. His own productions soon followed, inspired by the moodier fringes of LA’s nocturnal underground as well as the “dark gothic energy” of certain fatalist new wave.
Genesis spans 40 minutes across eight tracks, crisscrossing stained glass house, lovesick jack, and varied states of rhythm delirium into a raw, reflective self-portrait of empty streets and midnight memories. Crook’s process is part planned and part exploratory, mapping melody in advance then ripping live takes at a table of synths in his bedroom. From cobwebbed dub-dance (“Serpent”) to cyber-mechanical disco (“Move”), the songs feel intuitive and imprecise, grainy screengrabs of systems in flux.
Most are solo instrumentals but Crook’s classmate Bludwork guests on the sci-fi sequencer trance “Infrared” while local morbid beauty duo Morticia My Angel haunt the mic for “Words Unspoken.” Even his own voice makes an appearance on “Own Perceptions,” mixed into a glimmering grey haze: “I don’t know what to do with me / no more.”

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