Forest Drive West - Apparitions

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Artist:Forest Drive West
Label:Livity Sound
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Techno
A1 – Cut and Run
A2 – Transmission
B1 – Circles
B2 – Vertigo
C1 – Phaze-Shift
C2 – Traveller
D1 – Particles in Motion
D2 – Cannibal

This extended 2 x 12” and digital release is the debut long player from Forest Drive West. 'Apparitions' lands in October 2018 and is a fascinating further development of the producer's intricate fusions of techno, dub and jungle.

The acclaimed UK artist has released two EPs on the label before now, as well as on its sister label dnuoS ytiviL and the likes of Hidden Hawaii, Appian Sound, and London drum & bass outlet Rupture. Little is known about the London based producer but in just a couple of years he has established his own unique blend of complex rhythms and tactile sound design, distilling a rich history of UK musical influences into fresh new forms.

This record continues in that tradition with a mix of sparse rhythm tracks that contrast heavy weight drum programming with rich and deft sound design. From menacing and mysterious, to cinematic and hypnotic, it makes for a compelling and immersive experience. 'Apparitions' is a landmark release for one of the UK's most exciting new producers.

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