Leenuz - Blamethrower

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Label:Spiral Trax
Style:Electronic, Psy-Trance, Psychedelic, Trance
Spiral Trax Records again features some top talent from Sweden presenting old school producer Leenuz with a radical new EP "Blamethrower" that features some of his new work. Deep and gritty progressive sounds balanced with uplifting melodic touches create a rich and vivid soundscape. Track 1 is a magical adventure titled Vargen. Track 2 is the title song and track 3 features a remix by Swedish Psy Maestro Polyplex, a talented and diverse musician focused on a multitude of styles. Born in Åre, Sweden in 1980, Leenuz music career started with a set of drums in early 1990, for a couple years Leenuz played in his fathers jazz/blues band but in '96 the first Destination Goa was released and a drastic change was about to take form. The love for electronic music was instant and everlasting. Leenuz has been releasing top notch music on some of the best labels in goa / psytrance for many years.

1. Vargen 7:46
2. Blamethrower 7:46
3. Blamethrower (Polyplex Remix) 9:03

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