Hoyaa & Shirah - Fly Away

Fly Away
Рейтинг: 4.56, Голосов: 39
Artist:Hoyaa, Shirah
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Trance, Uplifting
1. Fly Away (07:54)
2. Fly Away [Emotional Mix] (06:02)

Here at VERSE we are so excited to welcome the legend that is Hoyaa back with an amazing uplifting trance vocal release named Fly Away. We are also very excited to introduce you to the wonderful Shirah making her debut release. 'Shirah is a vocalist with 6 years training in opera singing and 10 years experience singing on stage as well as in the studio. She is also an occasional lyricist and is passionate about various music genres, ranging from electronica to metal and rock.' This release has 2 wonderful mixes and both feature Shirah's beautiful vocals. The Original Mix at 138 BPM is very energetic and has a powerful intro with a driving bass line, a lovely break with Shirah's amazing vocals, emotional build and huge climax with powerful drums. This will definitely be a handraiser at clubs and festivals and you'll really want to sing along to this. The Emotional mix is also at 138 BPM but has a much more laid back feel. The intro has vocal chops, beautiful piano and a driving beat. The break just soars with emotion with Shirah's haunting voice and the wonderful melodic piano. Here at VERSE we can't wait to hear your feedback on this amazing new release . We hope you will love it as much as we do and continue to give us your much appreciated support .

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Комментарии (9):

maferisto20 авг 2018 в 04:55
Emotional Mix! +5
strelezium20 авг 2018 в 10:46
Вокал понравился, над сопровождением Жолт поработал не очень, не старался.
Mot20 авг 2018 в 19:08был изменен
Не знаю, кто такая Shirah - первый раз её слышу - но ведь отменный вокальный аплифт!
За emotional mix 5++ от меня
Trancer Lucky06 сен 2018 в 10:16
Эх аплифт, аплифт... не радуеш ты меня
Skytrancer06 сен 2018 в 21:27
Хорош релиз! Но дабку бы без вокала предпочтительно
Vadvin14 сен 2018 в 13:39
Fly Away [Emotional Mix] - Просто космос.....и вокал сильный и развитие, Улёт!!!! +55555555
Redfizer04 окт 2018 в 11:52
поставил 5 звёзд и доволен как слон, трек бомба бомбическая
АПАСНАСТЬ28 дек 2018 в 20:33
Эмошенал микс полный улёт
Covbot24 июн 2019 в 22:11
Fly Away [Emotional Mix]
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