Se7En Wonders - Tomorrow

Рейтинг: 4.57, Голосов: 7
Artist:Se7En Wonders
Label:Ultima Audio
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
We are glad to present the 4th release of Ultima Audio, welcoming on board to the gorgeous producer Mark Smith aka Se7en Wonders, with his latest tune, 'Tomorrow'.

This time we have bet for a release with a single song, but once you start listening to it you will understand why. A subliminal bassline welcomes us on board, helping us surfing the first stages of the song, with many acid sounds arising from beneath and an overall crude ambience that throws a general dark soul over the mix. When the breakdown is reached, all the power of the acid melody is released after a short walk on the clouds, this melody takes control over the song and adds tons of tension into the mix, enhancing the unstoppable progression towards the climax. With an untold energy, the climax explodes and surrounds us with the characteristic pure essence of the uplifting sound. The song of many faces could be the name for this flawless uplifter which releases energy in all its spectrum! Do not miss this massive rocket produced by Se7en Wonders!

01. Tomorrow (Original Mix) [06:20]

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