Sci Fi - Universal Religion

Universal Religion
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 2
Artist:Sci Fi
Style:Electronic, Psy-Trance, Psychedelic, Trance
Goa Records presents Universal Religion, the latest album by Mexican Psytrance Viruoso Sci Fi. We are so excited to present this work because it was recovered from a lost hard drive by some magical help from cosmic forces. What migth have been lost to the universe is finally released in its fully mastered and ready for the party pits wizard science. We offer this special album to you as a joyful communication. Welcome back to Sci Fi's exquisite musical mind!

1.Sci Fi - Psychological Weapons 06:49
2.Sci Fi - Universal Religion 09:09
3.Sci Fi - Time 08:44
4.Sci Fi - Space Oddisey 09:12
5.Sci Fi - The Evolution of the Species 09:48
6.Sci Fi - Girl Voodoo 06:21
7.Sci Fi - The Animatrix 07:42
8.Sci Fi - Valley of Dreams 07:23


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