Kamaal Williams - The Return

The Return
Рейтинг: 4.09, Голосов: 11
Artist:Kamaal Williams
Label:Black Focus
Style:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz / Blues, Lossless, Downtempo
01. Salaam (8:33)
02. Broken Theme (4:26)
03. The Return (1:06)
04. High Roller (3:00)
05. Situations (Live In Milan) (2:59)
06. Catch The Loop (6:54)
07. Rhythm Commission (2:34)
08. Medina (6:57)
09. LDN Shuffle (5:30)
10. Aisha (2:21)
The Return is a natural evolution from the Yussef Kamaal project, mining the influence of visionary jazz but blended with all kinds of texture, sounds and signals from the over-saturated London streets.

Notable tracks for old and new listeners are ‘Salaam', 'Situations', 'Medina', 'LDN Shuffle' which features Mansur Brown (of Mansur's Message) and for those die hard Yussef Kamaal fans - they should hear the interpolated roots of 'Strings of Light' in the title track 'The Return’. And that signature Wu Funk can be heard on 'Broken Theme', and 'High Roller'.

The Return will be the debut album released on Wu's new label Black Focus Records.

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tarantino81124 мая 2018 в 14:59
ну такой себе джаз, мелодика для супермаркетов
FROST24 мая 2018 в 21:27
На вкус и цвет. По мне так здорово!
Art77724 мая 2018 в 22:11
Давно хотелось пообного
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