Acues - Unity

Рейтинг: 4.79, Голосов: 14
Label:Ultima Audio
Catalog:UA 001
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
The Ultima Audio team feels excited to bring you our first release! As you may know, we are following the legacy of TFB Records, our previous name, as we want to keep on sharing our love and passion for Trance music under a renewed label!

For our first release we wanted to invite one of the most prolific Spanish artists on the Trance scene, he is Acues, and he joins us celebrating our starting adventure with a stunning tune named 'Unity'; it also includes a surprising remix by Alternate High.

The original mix breathes from a very well built bassline, with a remarkable energy within its beats but leaving enough room for the impressive progression of the melody. This melody brings a huge mystic atmosphere to the mix as the breakdown is reached. After falling into the breakdown, subtle sounds will embrace us, and a softer melody will add the beautiful notes. Right after, a huge dose of tension is quickly injected and the song rushes towards its climax. We have here what is one of the best songs by Acues, as the result of his large experience and skill. Do not miss the chance of listening to this out-of-standards masterpiece of Trance!

Alternate High has become our first remixer, and we are more than happy about it because he shows again in this tune why he deserves to be in the highest rankings of Trance music. He is indeed one of the best emotional producers out there, and they are quite a few, so this is impressive. Get ready to surf a gorgeous uplifter since the very beginning and set your mind free to deeply enjoy the astonishing breakdown that Alternate High has prepared for us. An undisputed flawless gem of the emotional sound awaits you into this remix. You'd better listen to it carefully.

01. Unity (Original Mix) [06:10]
02. Unity (Alternate High Remix) [07:54]


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Комментарии (5):

natmonday17 мая 2018 в 14:39
Ремикс очень даже! Отличный старт для лейбла. Спасибо!
Mot18 мая 2018 в 20:43
Оригинал красив, ремикс - просто бесподобен! Отменный релиз! 5++
Attila19 мая 2018 в 16:00
ремикс хорош
Natureman19 мая 2018 в 17:40
Ремикс в лучших традициях эмоционального аплифта! +5
hoholkin20 мая 2018 в 10:51
Пацаны выше всё правильно сказали, добавить то нечего
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