Danijel Kostic - Vinternatt

Рейтинг: 4.67, Голосов: 6
Artist:Danijel Kostic
Label:Enormous Chills
Style:Electronic, Deep House, House
  1. Vinternatt (Nora en Pure & Sons of Maria Remix) 6:56 / 122 BPM
  2. Vinternatt (Original Club Mix) 5:31 / 120 BPM
DANIJEL KOSTIC is one of our dearest label friend. He is releasing his inspiring music on our label since almost day one. Over the years he gained a solid fanbase that appreciates his music and spreads the word out in the wide world. His newest track goes by the name of VINTERNATT (Winter Night) and is a beautiful deep house anthem, that incorporates a signature piano lick which makes the track stand out and adds a certain dream portion to the track. The great piano lick also brought our in-house artists NORA EN PURE & SONS OF MARIA onto the map who went into the studio to work out an epic remake. Their remix is a pure bliss. the selective beat patterns and the added analog synth melody are a great addition to the piano lick from Danijel's original. Let's get the party started!

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