Dj Sakin & Dj Bjoern X - The Beginning

The Beginning
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Artist:Dj Sakin, Dj Bjoern X
Style:Electronic, Hard Trance, Trance, Uplifting
Returning to Joyride Music after his huge 2018 remake of "Dragonfly (Reborn)", released in January on Phoenix Recordings, this time DJ SAKIN meets up with DJ BJOERN X to present their collaboration tune THE BEGINNING, this time released on Joyride Recordings.

Sakin Bozkurt aka DJ Sakin is one of the most successful and important "Overdose" acts with his 90s hits "Nomansland", "Dragonfly", "Protect your Mind (Braveheart)" and many others. Still going strong in the industry with his recent productions, remixes as well as running his own label "Clone 2.1 Records", Sakin is definitely in the league of living legends.

The Beginning is a driving Trance monster between uplifting and hard, coming in their respective versions from both Sakin and Bjoern. If you like straight forward driving Trance your pick should be the DJ Sakin Mix, if you like it a little more crazy with extra added and tweeked-up sounds, then you should defo go with the DJ Bjoern X Mix.

It's the beginning of a wonderful friendship!! More to come...

01. The Beginning (DJ Sakin Mix) [07:04]
02. The Beginning (DJ Bjoern X Mix) [05:49]

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