Aru - ARU Experienced?

ARU Experienced?
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Label:Tymbal Tapes
Style:Electronic, Experimental
1. Sonic Jigglebath One (Early Fall) (16:58)
2. Sonic Jigglebath Two ( Lost Out On The Ice) (14:20)
3. Melodious Hex(es) One- Look What You Made Me Duo (20:28)
4. Melodious Hex(es) Two- Sonic Flourishes (11:09)

While there are sections of live or improvised material on several Tymbal releases, "ARU Experienced?” is our first album documenting several excellent live performances. Having hosted a couple of shows featuring ARU at Tymbal HQ during a several-year run as the Think Tank House, we have long known how much this music opens up in a live performance setting. The music of ARU has become more diverse and more ecstatic as time marches on, and this latest duo configuration featuring Iowa City’s David Pauly turns music from several recent albums into a seriously touching party. A little low-fi and right in your face, it's the next best thing to being there. Get experienced. ARU is improvised psychedelic hip-hop noise fusion. A project almost 10 years in the running, ARU began as the solo project of Randy Carter, whose psych-dub stylings have been heard in fine underground establishments across the midwest, and featured on many albums and splits.

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