Precious Affliction - Ascent

Рейтинг: 4.75, Голосов: 16
Artist:Precious Affliction
Style:Electronic, Trance, Uplifting
TFB Records proudly presents its 273th release, a track produced by Precious Affliction called 'Ascent'; including original mix and two amazing remixes.

The original mix is a perfect example of pure emotional & uplifting music, with a magic atmosphere since the first beat. The early breakdown will show us how deeply a great melody can reach our heart. The soul of the song is noticed since the beginning but it is highly focused on the break, with such an incredible melody, full of magic and emotions. A perfect uplift will follow, stunning us all and ending up with the explosion of the powerful baseline mixed with the characteristic melody. An awesome original track, with a very different character, with its own soul, making its bet for the purest sounds. Congrats!! First remix has been produced by the well known artist Cyril Ryaz, who has change the song in so many ways. The power of the baseline has been increased, as well as a great atmosphere has been set surrounding everything. The melody has been turned darker and wilder, keeping most of its acid soul but with a great presence. On the breakdown we will find how the atmosphere embraces the progression of the melody, and how this melody rises to get an untold power and to create a perfect uplift with such an acid taste. The end of the uplift is set with a suddenly stop and a huge explosion which will introduce the wildest part of the song. Very nice job by Cyril Ryaz changing a lot the original and achieving an almost new song. The last version included in this release has been produced by Firdavs Isoev, the one who has bet for the uplifting sound. No need to describe how well the uplifting baseline supports the stunning progression of the melody. The time for relaxation comes with the breakdown, where only the melody appears, performing an astonishing piece, only combined with a very subtle ambience. By giving the melody all the leadership the remixer achieves one of the most intimate uplifting sounds we have recently listened. This song is a nonstop rush of emotions right into our mind, do not miss the opportunity of discover this gem. Thank you Firdavs for this remix.

01. Ascent (Original Mix) [07:33]
02. Ascent (Cyril Ryaz Remix) [08:22]
03. Ascent (Firdavs Isoev Remix) [08:27]

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Комментарии (3):

Trance Among Us20 мар 2018 в 17:35
Орига тут на высоте!
Vadvin21 мар 2018 в 11:32
Cyril Ryaz Remix Хорош*
Attila21 мар 2018 в 22:35
Все на 4, не хочу разбираться. а оригинал еще и с плохой записью звука
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