Npvr - 33 33

33 33
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Label:Editions Mego
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Ambient, Experimental
1. Meantime, Pt. 4 (05:05)
2. Twin Cases (08:55)
3. Meantime, Pt. 1 (04:45)
4. Free Founder (05:25)
5. Deabg (#1 & 2) (09:57)

A welcome surprise from Nik Colk Void and Peter Rehberg, aka NPVR, 33 33 finds the Factory Floor lass and Editions Mego boss gelling in predictably fractious formation, smudging the boundaries between techno, noise, avant-garde and whatever the fuck else you want to call it.

The results are uncompromisingly abstract, visceral yet completive, finding a balanced, symbiotic equilibrium where neither attempts to outdo each other. Rather, they converse in free-flowing and jumpy dialogue, roiling from the gremlin-chatter electronics and stilted rhythm of Meantime, Pt.4 thru the piercing harmonic chaos of Twin Cases and the ruptured, throaty acidic gargle of Free Founder and the mercurial noise blatz of DEABG (#1 &2) with a logic that will only be properly known by them, but we can all have fun chasing its tail.

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